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A Slice of Heaven

July 27, 2013

An overdue food post. Finally.

Two weeks ago, I discovered a salad haven that is Slice. No, Slice is not just about salads. And contrary to popular belief, it’s not just a pastry shop either (although it looks that way from the outside at first glance). Slice is a quaint restaurant situated in High Street, Fort Bonifacio which serves Filipino fusion cuisine. On my first visit to Slice, I got to try their crispy bangus and tuyo salad with salted egg vinaigrette — an odd mix of ingredients, you might say, but the overall flavor and texture of the different salad elements were really amazing. The salted egg vinaigrette tasted like Caesar salad dressing, with a hint of, well, salted egg. I also got to try Slice’s Choco Yema cupcake. I’m not a fan of cupcakes but this one had the right sweetness to it. It’s a little on the rich side though so it’s best if you take small bites versus devouring the whole thing in one go (haha!). On my next visit, I brought my officemates along to sample Slice’s main dishes. I ordered another interesting salad dish which was comprised of crispy adobo flakes, greens, quinoa, salted egg, tomatoes and goat cheese with adobo vinaigrette (last photo). It’s not as tasty as the bangus and tuyo salad (I wished there was a bigger serving of adobo flakes) but it’s worth a try. For my main dish, I went with a smoked bangus and dilis meal since I haven’t eaten tinapa for the longest time. There was really nothing special about this dish (I wasn’t a fan of the moist brown rice) but I was glad that the tinapa tasted the way a tinapa should and that the fish meat didn’t taste like “sand” (I’ve tried a dozen milkfish dishes before which had a “sandy” taste to it — the fish wasn’t probably cleaned well).

If ever you do decide to stop by Slice, I highly recommend getting their Choco Yema cupcake and tuyo and bangus salad. Two thumps up!

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