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Cherry Lovin’

August 2, 2013

  If you stepped foot in a Zara store lately, or even simply took a quick look at a few fashion blogs or magazines out there I am sure you have probably realized pajamas-inspired pants are really one of the next big trends of the upcoming season. I’ll admit it, they aren’t really my thing, but in the end I gave up and found the perfect ones to add to my already overpopulated closet (I am sure my boyfriend is meditating about committing first-degree murder by now).
Anyways, here I am in a comfy and pajamas-style version: white man shirt and high heels that are definitely needed to avoid looking like “Dopey”.
P.s. Isn’t the background of these pictures simply lovely?

  Se siete gia’ entrati in un qualsiasi Zara o avete aperto blog o giornali di moda avrete ormai capito che questo e’ l’anno del pantalone/pigiama.
Devo essere onesta, non e’ particolarmente uno dei miei Must preferiti ma alla fine ho ceduto anch’io e ho trovato il modello perfetto per me.
Eccomi quindi in versione “pigiamosa”, camicia bianca da uomo e rigorosamete tacchi alti onde evitare effetto “Cucciolo” altamente indesiderato.
P.s. Non trovate anche voi che il background di queste foto sia pazzesco?

Earrings: FOREVER21

from Glamgerous – Fashion Blog


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