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Music Sounds Better With You

August 13, 2013

Dress: Sway Chic / Bag & Shoes: Alexander Wang / Hat: Zara
During the past few months or so, the Filipinos have been privy to some of the greatest international music acts and hippest music festival-themed events (I’ve had my fair share of music fests such as the EMF, Summer Solstice and Wanderland). And for these type of events, I always skew my fashion choices to comfortable and laidback pieces which are either boho-gypsy-inspired or of the 90’s scene. I’ve actually started to stock up on music fest-appropriate clothing. Case in point: this blue cut-out, tie-dyed beaute of a dress which I found online at Sway Chic. It’s light and airy and the a-line hem is perfect for some swinging-to-the-beat action. In an actual festival, I would just probably swap the boots with a lower-heeled pair, but the signature ‘Kookie hat’ would remain atop my head.

 I’m internally rejoicing in the thought that bigger and greater things are possibly about to emerge, music-wise, for the Philippines. I can just feel it in my gut. And I can’t wait to see the day when my country finally becomes one of the celebrated music hubs (just like Japan for Fuji Rock, California for Coachella, Singapore for Laneway Festival, etc.) where everyone from all parts of the globe can converge whilst listening to great music.

from Death by Platforms


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