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Mad For Plaid

August 26, 2013

Gray Button Down & Plaid Button Down: Lee Jeans / Shoes: Romwe / Bag: Alexander Wang
My Bazooka Rocks OOTD.
I’m quite the sucker for plaid button downs. It has a nostalgic grunge appeal that I always associate with rock bands and music festivals. Since I was attending a rock fest, my fashion weapon of choice had to be a plaid button downbut worn differently. Instead of having it envelope my hips (yet again), I toyed with the idea of converting my Lee plaid button down shirt into a skirt (ever the experimental fashionista that I am). And to shake things up further, I went with a BDOBD (button-down-on-button-down) configuration, paired with mesh boots ala Margiela
If you knew me well, you should’ve been able to deduce that I handpicked these two button downs from the men’s section, just because I like my shirts big and loose. And just so you know, the green plaid shirt I’m wearing is reversible. Yes. You get two shirts for the price of one, baby!
P.S. I will be sharing event photos from Bazooka Rocks 2013 soon! Watch out for it!

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