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The Basics

September 9, 2013

Jacket, Top &Shorts: Zara / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Personalized Necklace / Bag: Balenciaga (available HERE)
Leather jacket. White shorts. Black strappy top. These are just a few of the basic pieces that every woman should stock up on. And trust me, you can never go wrong with these — they’re failsafe, versatile items that you can play around with and mix with other pieces from your closet. When I’m cast in situations wherein I can’t be bothered to even dwell on coming up with a decent OOTD (a.k.a. #busyworkinggirl), I rely on these basic pieces to get me through the day. Case in point: the achromatic and casual ensemble pictured above which I wore to a long, tiring day which entailed orchestrating a big client event and mobile on-location shoots. Whew.

P.S. This is what happens when you’re not looking and the camera is clicking…

#BloggerPoseFail (insert crying smiley emoji here)

from Death by Platforms


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