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Is It Summer Yet?

October 28, 2013

Top: ASOS / Shorts: on sale HERE / Bag: Alexander Wang (black version HERE) / Boots: Zara / ‘Kookie’ Necklace: oNecklace
Seeing photos from Soul Surf 2013 on my Instagram feed makes my heart pine for summer and for some vitamin sea. While I am loving the colder weather at this time of the year (which means Christmas is just around the corner), I can’t help but daydream about the beach and the saltwater brushing against my feet. But just about a month ago, I did get the opportunity to have a short summer retreat by the beach (at Kamana Sanctuary in Subic Bay), albeit for work. En route to Subic, I knew we will be greeted by the scorching sun so I smartly packed this super lightweight chiffon top with me. I’ve been squirreling a lot of thin-strapped tops like this as of late. I realized how invaluable they will be come summer and how they could also serve as the perfect inner tops for layering under blazers or jackets on colder months.

P.S. I’ve been experiencing some editing issues with my photo editor lately. Close up shots of my skin always turn out speckled with unidentified marks or spots (see shoe shot above). It looks as if I have a skin disease! Ugh!

from Death by Platforms


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