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This Too Shall Pass…

November 10, 2013

The Philippines, my country, is currently suffering from the destructive aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan, which has been reported to be the most powerful storm recorded in history to make a landfall. The photos above are just a few of the images which paint how severe the trail of destruction Haiyan (or “Yolanda”, as we call the typhoon here in the Philippines) has caused our country. Millions of people were affected by this typhoon and many have lost their loved ones, are hungry and scared, and have been left homeless. The Philippines has been (and is continually being) ravaged by a surge of countless typhoons and storms, and our spirits have always remained resolute amidst these grave calamities…but we’ve never dealt with a super typhoon as strong and deadly as Haiyan. These past few days, my eyes have been glued on the TV monitor, grieving as news of dead or missing people and severely damaged properties flashed on the screen. Communication in most affected areas is still down and families are blind as to the status of their loved ones — if they’re safe or if they’re even alive. It pains me to see my countrymen suffering like this. I think we’ve been through enough…
So if you are reading this post, I am kindly appealing for your help. Any form of donation, whether in cash or in kind, would be of great help to our suffering brothers and sisters right now. You can donate via Red Cross  or through the various relief centers and online donation portals stated HERE
I sincerely hope that we can get through this as a country. I know we will. We always do.
This too shall pass…
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from Death by Platforms


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