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December 20, 2013

Sweater: NAVA / Button Down Shirt: Romwe / Leather Pants: F21 / Shoes: Alexander Wang / Bag: Balenciaga
Is there anyone here who’s guilty of practising last-minute-Christmas shopping?

*slowly raises right hand*

It seems that almost every year, I end up doing my Christmas shopping just a few days before Christmas day (you can say that it has become a Christmas ritual of mine). And I hate it. I hate the long queues, the irate shoppers and the case of the “sold out” items. I really have no right to rant because I’ve willingly subjected myself to this kind of Christmas shopping torture…but I still go on with it anyway. But don’t get me wrong –my Christmas gifts are well thought-of (at least most of them are) and seeing the faces of my friends and family lit up when they open those presents from me is priceless.

I guess it’s a love-hate relationship with Christmas shopping. Can you relate?

P.S. Today is our last day at work and I have a full two-week break to finally get some R&R! I am so damn friggin excited!

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